Dating a girl with different political views

One way, according to Dailey and Palomares (2004), is through what they describe as “strategic topic avoidance”—essentially an effort by one or both partners to avoid certain topics that could lead to irreconcilable differences.Some choose not to discuss sensitive issues such as politics for the sake of avoiding the potential fallout, thus possibly preserving the relationship.This strategy may also serve to maintain privacy and one’s sense of autonomy, essential ingredients for a healthy partnership.At a 2003 meeting of the International Communication Association in San Diego, California, one presenter described political discussions as a type of “civic engagement” that had the potential to not only contribute to political tolerance on a broader level, but to strengthen interpersonal bonds.When asked in an interview, “How the heck did you two get together?” Matalin simply responded, “Love is blind, love is deaf.” Most of us can relate to this sentiment, but how have Matalin and Carville managed to sustain a happy marriage over two decades, two children, and two successful and opposing political careers?Some couples embrace political differences, some don’t care, and others still consider having similar views non-negotiable.

When it came to politics, however, they couldn’t have been more different: she was a self-described “bleeding-heart liberal,” while he was a staunch conservative.Don't go into the relationship with the expectation that you can change your partner. On the other hand, if the other one thinks that the poor don't deserve help because being poor is clear indication of being a bad person, then you're going to have a bad time. If someone is militant about their political party, I know I can safely assume they're retards and not worthy of my penis.Britain's Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May leaves Buckingham Palace in London the day after a general election in which the Conservatives lost their majority.OMG I clicked on that link and ran away screaming before I finished the first few paragraphs.A supporter wears a pair of Jeremy Corbyn decorated tights at a general election campaign event in Birmingham, central England, on June 6, Britain goes to the polls tomorrow June 8 to vote in a general election.

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According to Matalin, by not talking politics at home.

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